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S t a y   b e a u t i f u l Love Your Smile, eCligner! With the purpose of bettering the lives of our patients. We love all our patient's smile. To make your confidence shine more brightly. To make your smile more beautiful. To make your lives happier. eCligner will be with you every step of the way.
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The eCligner

Who is the eCligner Beautify your smile with the original creators of clear aligners. Correcting your teeth with our simple weekly aligner system. Since its inception in 1998, eCligner clear aligners have provided satisfaction to patients in over 49 different countries through representative agencies found all over the world.
The Original Innovators eCligner clear aligner technology has been inno-vating the world of orthodontics since 1998.
The Comfort eCligner is made of eco-friendly material that is gentle in the mouth.
The Inimitable Methodology Unlike other brands, eCligner 's advanced aligner technology allows for treatments without any addi-tional attachments.
The Pursuit of Perfection Continually evolving 3D digital teeth correction pro-gram provides precise treatment plans for the most ac-curate and the most beautiful results.
The Customization A new aligner for each week of treatment to provide the most accurate results.
The Global Access Patients all over the world have access to eCligner treatment through agencies located in over 49 different countries.
First in the world to develop transparent orthodontic device
Incorporation of eClear International Co. Ltd
Confirmation of eClear as product name
Change in product name to eCligner
Development of main program
The 1st eCligner symposium
The 2nd eCligner symposium
Certification by government SMBA as a new technology venture company
ISO 13485 Certified
CE Certified
Establishment of China, HongKong, U.S.A Representative Office
FDA Cleared of eCligener
Establishment of Germany, Dubai, Tunisia Representative Office

The Start


Crowding Arises when equipping big teeth into a small mouth with the inevitable result of crooked teeth. Beyond cos-metic concerns, if left untreated, condition may result in increased risk of cavities and/or periodontal disease.

Cross Bite Defined by an extended lower jaw line beyond the upper teeth line. If not corrected , the lower jaw may continue to protrude outwards.

Open Bite Defined by a gap between the upper and lower teeth while the mouth is closed. Trouble with chewing and speech pronunciation may arise. Open bite is not only a health matter, but also a social matter.

Protrusion With protruding upper teeth, excessive gum exposure is a common phenomenon. Correction of protruding teeth will not only address prob-lems with the front teeth, but also refine the facial line and smile line providing the most aesthetic treatment results.

Space Close Defined by open spaces between teeth. Once gaps appear, they will continue to widen. The source must be found and corrected or treatment will become complicated.

Deep Bite Occurs when either the upper teeth completely or almost completely covers the lower teeth, or the lower teeth is inclined inwards. With our precise simulation system, eCligner clear aligners can easily and accurately address deep bite.

The Experience

01 Find the most suitable eCligner provider for your eCligner treatment It is very important to find a proper eCligner provider before you decide to take eCligner treatment as the eCligner provider will be the one you will continually interact with until and even after treatment completion. A proper eCligner provider will analyze your orthodontic case and decide whether eCligner treatment is right for you. Please keep in mind that there are dentists and orthodontists who have completed the eCligner training course and those who have not. It is highly recommended that eCligner treatment is completed under a proper eCligner provider or else your treatment result cannot be guaranteed. Also, do not hesitate to ask an eCligner provider about eCligner treatment, system, costs, or any other concerns you may have. Commitment to an eCligner treatment should be decided upon only if you are firmly determined and motivated to complete the process. If you would like to visualize the result of a possible eCligner treatment, please utilize our free SMILE CHANGE BY ECLIGNER SELFIE APP.
02 Receive eCligner treatment plan and aligners Your data, which includes x-rays, photos, impression, and main concerns of your treatment, will be used to create your eCligner treatment plan. Once you receive your eCligner treatment plan, you may consult with your dentist on possible concerns or inquiries you may have. eCligner treatment plan will provide you with a visualized treatment progress report, result report, lip & profile change analysis, and an approximate treatment time period for your consultation and dental appointment scheduling needs. If you or your doctor would like to make certain requests or revisions to the treatment plan, please inquire through your dentist and a new treatment plan will be provided. Once you and your doctor are both satisfied with the treatment plan, you can order eCligner aligners right away. When eCligner aligners are ordered and eventually received, your eCligner provider will explain to you the essential basics and help you schedule your dentist appointments until the end of the treatment. It is highly recommended that you follow your doctor's and eCligner's instructions, such as wearing your aligners for 17 hours daily, to ensure a satisfying and successful treatment result.
03 Notice gradual improvement From simple to complex cases, treatment periods will vary from three months to a year. During the treatment period, your eCligner provider will have you visit the clinic every three to six weeks in order to check on your treatment progress and/or to provide you with a new set of aligners. Your smile and teeth will gradually improve with the benefit of others not being able to notice your invisible aligner treatment. You can keep record of your gradual improvement through the use of our eCligner selfie app, which will also help you manage your treatment and help you keep motivated throughout the treatment period.
04 Achieve a new smile, achieve a new life After you have completed your treatment with satisfactory marks on patient compliance and cooperation, you will have finally reached your goal! You will be able to show off your new bright smile, one that you have rightfully earned and deserve. All that is needed now is to maintain your beautiful smile with retainers in order to keep your teeth in place and prevent relapse.
Keep smiling with eCligner

The Result


01 Mixed
02 Protrusion
03 Prognathism
04 Gummy
05 Protusion
+Open bite
06 Crowding
07 Spacing
Being able to financially stand on my own two feet began with my first real job. When my income began to finally flow and I was able to start working on my savings, it was when my dreams began to materialize. For 31 year old Sarah, who had been working fervently for over 3 years, receiving dental treatment was her dream. As soon as she finished paying off her student loans, the very next investment was towards her appearance. Sarah's protruding and separated teeth had always bothered her since her school days. In Sarah's case, her teeth had actually grown outwards. All of her teeth protruded out and were separated from each other. In her situation, she had 3 choices. Double jaw surgery, laminate, or dental correction. Risks from double jaw surgery or laminate are high, but the results are quick and dramatic. Dental correction takes a longer time investment; however, the procedure takes less risks and the cost is considerably lower. Sarah decided to go with dental correction as the high risk and high cost was too much for Sarah. Sarah's treatment plan addressed two criterias at once. For her correction to work, pressure had to be applied in two different directions. One of the advantages of using clear aligners is that it can address multiple conditions at once. If a specific tooth is crooked, pressure can be placed specifically on that tooth's location. If a multitude of teeth are crooked, pressure can be applied to various locations and aligned accordingly. When closing gaps between teeth, pressure is placed inwards at the molars. Pressure is evenly divided throughout the front teeth if they are protruding outwards. Mandibular prognathism is corrected by attaching elastics to the upper and lower aligners. The ability to address multiple issues at once derives from 3D technology.
Before After
Through 3D scanning, the patient's current status is analyzed and allows for an appropriate treatment strategy to be created. The treatment plan addressed all her teeth corrections at once. A 3D printer is used to assemble each aligner with slight differences that will be changed weekly. When aligners are changed every week, teeth will be slowly guided to their designated locations. In preparation for dental correction, for the teeth to move, space must first be created. This step is called 'expansion'. In order for teeth that is solidly implanted into the gums to move, small spaces must be available. Luckily, Sarah had fairly straight teeth and, because her teeth were separated to begin with, the expansion step did not take long. Sarah's main concerns, her protruding front teeth and the gaps between her teeth, were able to be addressed together. 7 months later, Sarah's teeth were all in the right places just as planned. Sarah was greatly satisfied with her results. The dental devices that are commonly found unappealing were not visible. Sarah's coworkers were not able to notice that she was undergoing dental treatment unless she told them about it. Even during working hours, Sarah was able to remove her aligners for presentations or important meetings. The most satisfying part of her clear aligner treatment, she claims, was the results. Sarah states that "for some reason, ever since I corrected my teeth, I feel as if everything seems to be going right for me."


Patient Information

Your Smile
Smile Design service eCligner provides orthodontics consult service. Put your photos simply, and we will send imaginary treatment outlines data to your e-mail adress.

Put your photos

Upload your photos to simulate * This service is not medical/dental consultation Also it does not guarantee your precise treatment planning.This data can not be used for medical/dental records and evidence. Please contact your doctor for your further treatment.

    • Front face
    • Upload a photo of your Front face
    • Lateral face
    • Upload a photo of your Lateral face
    • Front
    • Upload a photo of your Front
    • Upper Arch
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The photos not only use up reliable diagnosis can be medical or dental disclaims. If you want a more accurate diagnosis, please visit the nearest hospital eCligner authentication.

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Are Children treatable?
Possible. For a mixed dentition patient, aligners can be produced every 3months using a new impression each time new aligners are made.
Can eCligner treat every case?
It is a common understanding that there is a limit to the type of cases that can be treated using clear aligners; however, eCligner has been successfully treating all types of cases for many years.
How is a treatment plan created?
Technicians focus on developing the most aesthetic treatment result with the main results mostly influenced by dentist's special requests, patient's facial profile photos, and/or dental analysis.
How long does it take to make a treatment plan?
A 3D treatment plan will be ready within 7 days of receiving the patient's impression model.
How is eCligner made?
Skilled lab technicians manufacture eCligner clear aligners using state of the art computer and 3D technology. Each step of the manufacturing process is managed by a designated specialist and ensures the exceptional quality of our products.
What is the reason behind the varying levels of thickness for eCligner clear aligners?
Different thickness levels enable gradual and safe teeth movement at each stage of treatment, making way for the most comfortable treatment experience.
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